XSUAA and Anonymous user

Hi, I am using XSUAA (on SAP Cloud Platform) for a login of the users to my app. Everything works well so far. Nevertheless, if I want to give access to the Mendix app I always have to go to the SAP Cloud Plattform, select the IdP and assign the role to the user manually. I also noticed that a user who hasn’t got any role assigned in the SAP Cloud Plattform/IdP can still login, but will be redirected to a blank page. I want to achieve following scenario: If a user tries to login to the Mendix app, but hasn’t got any role assigned in the SCP/IdP, instead of redirecting to a blank page it should automatically assign the user the role “viewer” (which is available in the Mendix app) and open the app with that assigned role. It is somehow a anonymous user I want to create, but still have the XSUAA login step. With that I would like to achieve that all users who are maintained in the IdP can access my app. The background story is that I wanted to assign the “User” role to all our employees who are maintained in the IdP, but for now there is no possibility in the IdP/SCP to assign a specific role to “all users”.
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Hi all,

just found out that I can set a DefaultRole in the SAP Authentification Module (in the Module/Widget folder you can find a file called DefaultRole and assign a value – in my case it was just ‘viewer’) :)

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