Free Mendix APP, how storage is used.

Hi legends, I am in a beginning small business, only 4 people in the company. Also because we have limited human resource, I want to use mendix to help organise the process and daily work. Free app solution looks good to use. Currently free app provide 0.5G database and 1G file. My personally think that 500M space is enough for database to use for quite a long time. My concern is more about file space. does anyone know how Mendix manage files.for example: when export excel in the datagrid, does mendix save a excel copy in file system, or delete the file after download? if I use excel import to initial data, will those excel keep in file system? if yes, how could I clean it? is there any initial space cost for database and file space, if yes, how many space it might be?   If anyone aware more risk in using free app to manage a small company, appreciate please let me know. I am quite struggling choosing the tool at the moment. Mendix looks the best solution for me but the mendix pricing is quite high for starting company. If we grows in the future, might be able to buy a license but unfurtunately we can’t afford it now :( Thanks again everyone!!
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Hi Changfeng, for of all, best of luck with your business. Like all businesses, you need to stay organized and a Mendix sandbox is certainly a good option. To the best of my knowledge:

1: No;

2: No;

3: initial databases are about 50MB or so. 500MB will indeed take you a long way. And as long as you are wise with the 1G for files, pdf's, photo's and so on, you will be good there too.

Any other risks:

- Mendix deciding to stop servicing the sandbox. Not likely, but it is a risk.

- security, you are on the Mendix cloud, which is secure and so will be your software, but who is monitoring your app for any security mistakes.

- backups. These are kept for two weeks only, which is already great for a free app, but might not be enough for you. If so, download them regularly and every once in awhile test if are able to restore them.