Layered Users

Hi, We currently have quite a few users set up within our app. There are some Primary user roles which gives generic access rights. And then we have Secondary User roles which give access to specific modules/areas of the app.  When assigning user roles i would like to make it so that you can choose from a list of primary user roles and then from a list of secondary roles. Is this possible? It will make assigning easier and more obvious TIA
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Hi Ben,

I understand your need and your setup, I worked on a project with a similar setup. I am afraid this is not something that Mendix offers out of the box so it will be something you have to build on your own.

The way we did it was that only the secondary level user roles are assignable (from a dropdown) and then on save we would check and automatically add the relevant primary level roles. This way there was no danger that an admin forgets to assign a primary role.

Hope this helps!