Image storage in mendix in built database

I have developed a native mobile app using the “camera” widget(With phonegap – the one developed by Mendix) from the Mendix app store. On click of a button, camera is opened and I am able to take a picture through it. Also I am able to display the same captured picture in the app. But, I want to know whether the image is stored in the database? If yes, how and in which format it is stored (bytes, base 64 etc) and where can I see that in the DB. I want to send that picture to another application and hence wanted to store it in DB. I can only see the entries in 3 tables (System.Image, System.FileDocument and the entity which I created.. but only id’s and stuff not the image) My domain model has an entity which is of type System.Image (no attributes defined). I am performing the camera operation in a nanoflow. I am using Mendix studio pro 8.3.1  Help here is really appreciated.
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The images/files are stored on the fileserver, which is by default at the application server. Though can also be an external fileserver.

In Mendix you model logic to consume these files/images using the related entities FileDocument & Image. When you retrieve a list of images in a microflow and send them to another app, then the file is part of the retrieved content. 

They are not stored as binary in the content attribute of the FileDocument entity.