Native app custom styling

Hi all,  I'm styling a Mendix Native app version 8.9. I changed background colors in custom-variables.js and for the login page this is working really well. The containers are the right color primary/secondary as I described in custom-variables.js. When I log in with a user, the background colors do not listen anymore to custom-styling, and takes the colors from the variables.js file from the core folder. Does anyone know why the logged in pages take the colors from variables.js and the anonymous pages take the colors from custom-variables.js?  Thanks, Kolien
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The problem is fixed by upgrading the application from 8.8 to 8.8.1 to 8.9 instead of skipping 8.8.1. The colors from custom-variables are now used again. The only thing that still miss the styling they had in 8.8 are the fonts.


Sounds like a bug in Native, probably in the Native homepage. Is this reproducable? And since Native, or is 8.8 Native showing the correct colors?

This might be one for