How to create an object of the associated entity in a microflow?

  There is a “first” entity passed to the page as a page parameter, and a “second” entity associated with it.  On the page, there is a “create object” button that creates an object for the second entity.   I need to implement the same functionality in a microflow (so instead of the “create action” button, I need a “call a microflow” button that should do the same). But how can I implement it in the microflow? I tried the “Create” action in the microflow, it allows me to create an object of the “second” entity in the database but ignores the association.
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  • Create a microflow with a parameter of the first entity.
  • In the microflow, have a create action for the second entity.  In this create action, set the association with the value of the first entity passed in via the parameter.
  • Place a call microflow button on the page in the dataview on the page (for the first entity).

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