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Greetings, I have been using Mendix for weeks, checking in and out, without any issue, until I installed a new version on a new machine. From there I could check out the project, but could not commit my changes back in, with the following error on commit: “An error occurred when sending changes to the repository” SharpSvn.SvnRepositoryIOException: Commit failed (details follow): ---> SharpSvn.SvnRepositoryIOException: Unexpected HTTP status 503 'Service Unavailable' on '/5eaf9b9c-1fd9-431e-ac2f-6fb526bf7237/!svn/txr/166-4r/trunk/RiskManagementPortal.mpr' --- End of inner exception stack trace --- at SharpSvn.SvnClientArgs.HandleResult(SvnClientContext client, SvnException error, Object targets) in d:\bb\sharpsvn-v1.900x\v40\src\sharpsvn\svnclientargs.cpp:line 78 at SharpSvn.SvnClient.Commit(ICollection`1 paths, SvnCommitArgs args, SvnCommitResult& result) in d:\bb\sharpsvn-v1.900x\v40\src\sharpsvn\commands\commit.cpp:line 100 at Mendix.Modeler.VersionControl.SvnConnector.PathClientDo(String workingCopyPath, Action`1 action) in C:\jenkins-ci\workspace\AppStudio4.0-Build@3\modeler\Mendix.Modeler.VersionControl.Windows\Svn\SvnConnector.cs:line 879 at Mendix.Modeler.VersionControl.SvnConnector.Commit(String projectDir, SvnCommitArgs commitArgs) in C:\jenkins-ci\workspace\AppStudio4.0-Build@3\modeler\Mendix.Modeler.VersionControl.Windows\Svn\SvnConnector.cs:line 833 at Mendix.Modeler.VersionControl.CommitWorker.DoCommit(IProject project, String message, RevisionMetadata metadata) in C:\jenkins-ci\workspace\AppStudio4.0-Build@3\modeler\Mendix.Modeler.VersionControl\CommitWorker.cs:line 215 at Mendix.Modeler.VersionControl.CommitWorker.CommitToRepositorySilent(IProject project, CommitState state) in C:\jenkins-ci\workspace\AppStudio4.0-Build@3\modeler\Mendix.Modeler.VersionControl\CommitWorker.cs:line 173 at Mendix.Modeler.VersionControl.RevCommitter.<>c__DisplayClass31_0.<AddCommitStep>b__0(IProgressInfo info) in C:\jenkins-ci\workspace\AppStudio4.0-Build@3\modeler\Mendix.Modeler.VersionControl\RevCommitter.cs:line 290 at Mendix.Modeler.UIFramework.Progress.ProcessRunner.RunStep(Step step) in C:\jenkins-ci\workspace\AppStudio4.0-Build@3\modeler\Mendix.Modeler.UIFramework\Progress\ProcessRunner.cs:line 83 at Mendix.Modeler.UIFramework.Progress.ProcessRunner.OnDoWork(Object sender, DoWorkEventArgs e) in C:\jenkins-ci\workspace\AppStudio4.0-Build@3\modeler\Mendix.Modeler.UIFramework\Progress\ProcessRunner.cs:line 63 at System.ComponentModel.BackgroundWorker.OnDoWork(DoWorkEventArgs e) at System.ComponentModel.BackgroundWorker.WorkerThreadStart(Object argument)   I tried to clean-up the state (deleted the working directory of that project), de-installed and re-installed Visual Studio Pro (8.81), but still got that error on commit. Do you know why this is happening? The detailed error below suggests that something went from on the server in the Mendix cloud (I use a free app, in the Mendix sandbox), however, I could commit the same project from a different machine. The problem happens only when trying to commit the project from a particular machine. Thanks!
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Hello Jean,

I’ve seen similar issues before, and I could work around it by re-downloading the project. Not sure if this will sort your issue but it’s worth a try. 

You can try to download the project from the server again without wiping your local copy, and then port the changes through if committing works on your new project directory.

My assumption is that your project got corrupted somehow while you were developing. If you seek an in-depth explanation to why this has happened you can always try to raise a query with support.

If however this is not the case, I would assume it’s a connectivity issue and I would try to access the teamserver from the machine in question, in Sprintr you can find your teamserver URL displayed under <project>/Develop/Teamserver

Hope this helps