RestServices / Asynchronous requests

Hello! I was wondering if there is a way to queue REST calls (that include headers and queries) so that I can make the calls asynchronously? I was also wondering if it may involve CommunityCommons.RunMicroflowAsyncInQueue because then I'm unsure as to where to exactly call this function and how to pass in parameters to set the headers and queries before allowing it to call the REST microflow that's inputted as the microflowName within the function call.
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I have used CommunityCommons.executeMicroflowInBackground to run various background processes and conversions. It does allow you to pass one object. Only one microflow is allowed to run at a time.

Create a non-persistent entity to and put all the data and headers in that you need to pass. Specify your microflow that will call the REST service and your object on the call to executeMicroflowInBackground.

In the microflow, setup your REST call with headers and make the call.