SQLbase migration

For a project we have to migrate data from a legacy application. This applications database is based on SQLbase. Are there any problems known in migrating from SQLbase to a MS SQL DB (Used as for the Mendix application)? Thanks!
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There is no "Mendix DB (SQL)" :)

We support a range of databases (HSQLDB, MS SQL, mysql etc) as backends.

However, I think you mean that you want to import data from a non-mendix application into a mendix application? There are a number of possibilities:

  1. If the application supports it, you can export the data as xml and import it via an XML Import action.
  2. If the application has a webservice interface, you can try to extract the data that way.
  3. You can build a custom java action and import an SQL dump line by line.... But it'll probably take a lot of work to set everything up correctly.

Hope that gets you on your way.