Responsive CSS

Hello everyone, I am creating a list view where I receive data from a database and display it in rows, as follows: Everything is aligned, and the layout is responsive, and no extra css has been added. I have a layout grid for the headers and another layout grid for the data. I am using a list view instead of a data grid because it lets me concatenate attributes, and for convenience However, when I change to another screen, it messes up and the items are not aligned with the header anymore.   Which would be the best practice to solve this issue? Thank you!  
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Not really an answer, but things which trigger me I would take a look at;

  1. What kind of classes are added to the header texts ID & Attended?
  2. What is the goal of the container enclosing the layoutgrid for the data?

My gut feeling tells me that might do more then you expect and causing the trouble. Or at least worth taking a look at.