Data database on a Internet Server

We are developing with multiple developers on a project on working on different place. We are using the option to have a datadatabase on a server. But now the poject is increasing it is getting very slow on starting up the project. It says perfoming startup. It looks like it is checking the full data structure on the server. Is this true? When this is true, it should be nice if nothing is changed it will not check the full structure. We are having a project with 6 modules and it takes at least 3 minutes to startup, it is getting so slow that we are back using the local database.. Is there a solution for this performance problem? Or can I as a single developer set my working copy to a local database temporaly? At this moment when I set the project settings to local database it is for every developer?
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The project settings (in 2.4: server settings) allow you to specify different database servers for Development and Test modes. These database settings apply to every developer as they are stored in the project.

In your case, you could set the Development setting to use the built-in database, and the Test setting to use the central database server. In this way, every developer has the option of running locally (using Development) or using the central server (using Test).