Ideal approach for uploading large binary data using REST POST call

Hi, We have an application which gathers some meta data and uploads it to mendix database. The meta-data contains some large binary data which we store in an Entity on mendix side generalized from “FileDocument”. We have published POST rest call from mendix app for uploading the data to mendix db. Since the binary metadata could be as large as 150mb’s , we would like to know the ideal approach of pushing such large data. Currently, when we are posting the entire data in single go on cloud environment, we are getting a BAD gateway error. However, upload works fine on local environment. Is there any solution with current way of posting entire data in one go? Should we send the data in chunks? If yes then is there any example on how to do that ?  
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Check your heap or database node memory usages.  You may be overloading your cloud resources.

Watch your live log while you upload and see if you are getting any errors or warnings.

I assume you are using the Mendix cloud.  If not, the principle is the same, but you have to use different tools to get to the resource monitors and logs.