How to upload large binary data in chunks via REST post call?

We have an application which extracts meta-data and uploads it to mendix database via REST “POST” call. However, in our case data size could be in hundreds on mbs to few gbs.  We want to send data in chunks using multipart/form-data option. First of all I would like to understand if there is any limitation on data size that can be sent in a single REST call.  Also, is it possible to send data in chunks ? If yes is there any example on how to do that ? What changes do we have to do on server side (In this case mendix instance running on mendix cloud)  
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Hi Pranav,

I'm afraid Mendix does not support multipart/form-data as valid datatype, so multipart messages are not an option.

You can publish a REST-service operation which accepts  binary files to store them as FileDocuments and put some metadata in HTTP-headers, though.

I'm not aware of the possibilities to send the data in chucks, I think the Mendix server is not capable of that. And I'm also not aware of the maximum file size that can be send through a published REST service.

Hopefully this helps a bit.

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