Sharing different  URL of different Pages to User

Hi, I am creating an web application through which I want to share Anonymous User, Some Data without  without signing in. I want to share data of around 20 pages  for which I created access through Navigation. But I am getting same URL for all Pages , So i am facing problem of sharing data of  particular page to user. Is there any option to create different URL for different pages.   Thanks in advance.
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If you need to provide a URL to those pages you have two options.

You can assign a URL in the Properties section of the page. This can be a a page without a parameter, or if you need to load a specific entity you can also pass in the GUID for that particular entity. From the documentation

The URL of the page can be used to directly navigate to the page (for example, from external links or bookmarks). It will be shown in the address bar of the browser when you visit the page. When navigating to a page without a URL configured, the last visited URL is shown. Note that the full URL of the page will be the base URL of your application followed by /p and then by the configured URL of the page (for example,

Pages with top-level data views (parameterized pages) can also have URLs. The URL property of such pages should contain the {Id} path segment at the end. In the browser, the {Id} segment will be replaced with the actual identifier of an entity.

In simple e-commerce applications, the URLs can be configured as follows:

  • /orders/ – the URL for a page with a data grid for Orders (in a browser, the URL will look like

  • /order/{Id} – the URL for a page with data from a particular Order (in a browser, the URL will look like, wherein 3212449487634321 is the unique identifier of the Order)

If you need something more flexible there is also the Deeplink module in the app store. This gives you a lot more flexibility in your URL structure and how you handle incoming requests.

Hope this helps.