Mendix docker container logs

All, Where can we get the application.log mentioned here in Log File Settings We have Mendix deployed via Docker container. Our nohup.out logs are coming properly but I don’t see the output of console like we have in Mendix Studio Pro in Console with logging levels set via ADVANCED for various modules like CORE, MicroflowEngine and so on  I know options like docker conatiner logs, nohpu.out as output of the docker -run  Regards, Neil 
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Follow up question for all:

  1. How do I map my Mendix container built via Mendix-Docker-BuildPack to log outside of container into let’s say ELK / Splunk / DataDog?
  2. What should we modify in our Container build process so that we achieve persistent logging outside of the container? Suggestions on changes in dockerfile/yamls/etc. 

In all Docker setups I’ve encountered, logs are always collected in a separate application. I've seen logs in Splunk, Datadog and ElasticSearch.

As an alternative, you could use the logging module from the AppStore, so that your log messages are available in the application itself.