Problem with roll back

Currently I am using the version for 2 projects. The following actions are performed: Custom create button which triggers the action of creating a new object and setting associations WITHOUT commit. Automatically at the end of the flow, a show form is opening in content (with the just created object as form object). User is navigating to another menu item without saving or cancelling. Result: Object is added to the database. My current solution is a scheduled event which is triggered every hour in order to delete all 'empty' records. However, I don't like this solution. Any better ideas to deal with this? Thanks.
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That is a strange behaviour in Mendix and again present in 2.5 (added a feature request). Best is to add your event-logic with a microflow to all menu-items to delete the items or a pop-up that the form needs to be saved or cancelled (the last option can be tricky).

Or use pop-up forms where possible


Good news, I cannot reproduce this issue anymore in version 3.0.