how to use Oauth and deeplink

HI all, how to use link generated by deep link after Oath login. I can get target page after mendix default login page, but when i use oauth login page I couldn't get target page. Deeplink gets lost once i enter Oauth login page
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Hi Kiran,

Ooh, this can be a tricky one!

If everything is configured correctly, the following flow should happen:

  • User clicks a deeplink, that will create an pending deeplink object for the user
  • As deeplink is not allowed for anonymous guest users, the user gets redirected
  • User will start the login procedure, depending on your SSO-configuration, and after succesful authentication the user gets redirected back to your app
  • The homepage then, should be a microflow which executes the check of there is still a deeplink pending for this user
  • If that is the case, the deeplink is being executed, otherwise the (role-based) homepage is shown 


If this would happen, you wouldn't be asking for help, so let's check some things:

  • What SSO do you use?
  • Is the deeplink indeed not allowed for anonymous guest users?
  • Is the deeplink-check executed navigating to the home page (for all roles)?
  • Can you check the database whether there is a pending deeplink before logging in?



I had the exact same problem that Kiran posted.

The solution was to set the DeepLink module's constant  LoginLocation to /oauth/v2/login?cont=  as described in the Mendix  OICD documentation