Learningpath to Advanced Developer Exam

During the learning paths to arrive at the 'Advanced Developer' status, there are three modules that pose quite a few problems. These are these three modules: - Learn to Build an SAP App - Develop a Smart SAP Catalog - Build a MindSphere app with Mendix Of the first two, Academy also indicates that there are problems, so that the learning path cannot be followed properly, without doing special (technical) things. With the MindSphere learning path, I come across all kinds of technical things that are very specific to MindSphere. I can't get out of there. My question now is to what extent it is necessary to successfully complete these three modules. Is the necessary knowledge required during the 'Advanced Developer' exam? Thanks in advance for your comment. Sincerely, Gert
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SAP and mindsphere or not a part of the advanced developer exam.

A good portion of practical experience with Mendix is way more important, see https://gettingstarted.mendixcloud.com/link/certification/advanced