When running message with erros but errorlist is empty

When I run the app localy in Mendix 10 I got the message “The project cannot be deployed at this time because there are errors. Please solve the errors in the errors list window. But the errors list window gives zero errors. Anyone an idea where to look? (8.10.0) I removed all Mendix Studio Pro Versions from my system, installed the latest 8.10.1 and the problem remains Opening in Mendix Studio reveals the error: “At least one allowed role must be selected if the page is used from navigation or a button.” This error does not show up in the the errorist of Mendix Studio Pro
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Perhaps “limit to current tab” is enabled in the Errors panel. If that is the case, only the errors of the document you are looking at show up. 


When I commit I got the following popup: “The project contains errors. Do you still want to commit?”

After committing the buggy version still no error messages in the error list

Next step: enable app for Mendix Studio. No errors shown yet

Click on preview resulting in : Your app has consistency errors, click here to view them. And it shows the errors. This time it is language related. I have installed a second language and have empty captions for a language


That is a weird error. Since it is possible that this is a Mendix bug, you might consider reporting this to support@mendix.com

Also, possibly there is something wrong with one of your navigation profiles. Try removing the navigation profiles for Native and for Hybrid, just to see if the error goes away. 


Few things that you can try.

  1. Clean deployment directory. (In Project menu)
  2. Synchronize Project directory. (In Project menu)
  3. In Project menu, click on – Show Project Directory in Explorer. Then in the windows explorer, go inside “deployment” folder. Delete everything in this folder (They will regenerate when you will build/run the project again).

Do a build process again.

Sometimes you get error in runtime if there is permission error on some entiry/page. If it happens, check how the flow is going to that component/page/microflow and debug for what is giving the security error.