Mendix-MindSphere application

If you want to build a Mindsphere application with Mendix are you required to have an additional/separate license for this? I would assume that if you have a MindSphere license and a Mendix license you would be good to go.  While I was looking into this I found the page I pictured below which confused me a little. is this a required thing for all Mendix-MindSphere applications or is this only if you want to sell your app on the MinSphere store? 
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This item is for when you want to deploy an app into the MindSphere Cloud, using the Mendix runtime environment that is hosted by MindSphere (using MindSphere’s Cloud Foundry).  This is an alternative to hosting a Mendix app in the Mendix Public Cloud (or any other environment that supports the Mendix runtime). 

If you already have a Mendix license and deployment environment, you don’t need this.  You can deploy a Mendix app as a MindSphere “self-hosted” app, which allows SSO integration with MindSphere but doesn’t rely on MindSphere’s Cloud Foundry environment for deployment.  (In all cases, Mendix dev environments are free whether you’re deploying in MindSphere Cloud Foundry or another environment.)