Scheduled events

Will the scheduled events will run locally and can we view that sceduled event in browser. If yes can anyone tell me how to schedule an events in locally
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You need to enable the Scheduled event and ensure the timing is set in such way that its worth waiting.

Though if you want to test if the ScheduledEvent will run; It will, only timing UTC/Server time etc. needs to be configured correctly. Testing the timing; I would not rely on your local machine. Since server config != local config.


If you want to test the microflow behind the SCheduled event; I use this trick

  1. Create a new microflow ACT_TEST_ScheduledEventName
  2. Add the scheduledevent microflow as submicroflow (just drag and drop it inside the new microflow)
  3. Connect this microflow to a button on a Admin only page
  4. Allow the Admin to run this microflow
  5. Run & test
  6. When done; remove the test microflow


Reason I use a test microflow is to avoid security incidents. By using ACT_TEST_[WhateverIwantToDo] you can search for “ACT_TEST” before deployment to accept/prod servers and ensure that security for scheduled event microflows is correct at all times.


IMHO, when you enable Scheduled events to run in local, you must be able to test this easily if it is not running in a long interval. Never faced issues with start date time, because the time you set is only start date time and if it is in past, your scheduled events will be running immediately after your start your application and if it is repeating.

Now to your other question:

  1. We use Mendix model reflection to know the microflows in the system
  2. We added a page with datagrid which shows all the microflows that starts with “SE_”. In our project we follow the naming convention that any Scheduled event starts with SE_
  3. In the datagrid we added a button to will execute the Scheduled event by using CommunityCommons.executeMicroflowAsUser


Hope this helps.