CE0569: Create button gives error on On Click Page

This is my first Mendix exercise. I am trying to create an entity. On the form for creating the entity I have the create button, on which I call the page listing all entities after create. It gives me error CE0569. What am i missing?  
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The selected page Phases_List has as a list view with as datasource an entity, as you show in your image. When you call this page, it needs to be from a place where an object of that type is available.

One option is a button in a dataview on a page, with as button-action “OpenPage ‘Phases_List’”. Because the button is inside a dataview, it will automatically assign that object to pass along to the page Phases_List.

Another is a microflow action Open page. You will need a Object to pass on to that activity:




I want a page from where I can list all Phase entities. I try to do that from the main Navigation. It gives error.


Do i have to add DataView everytime i want to call a list of entities?