Fetching Organization Data

Hi all, How to fetch organization data like group,role and user. I need to show group and role in text-box, Where as Need to show user in drop-down.How to achieve this anyone help me out
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Hello ,

To create a dropdown/radio button , create a LOV ( enumeraition) and refer that it in entity model.



  1. You can have an NPE like UserHelper which must be associated with the User object
  2. This NPE can also have Group as String and Role as String
  3. Use a dataview and pass UserHelper
  4. Have a ReferenceSelector for User and this reference selector can be filled with User list that you want with the required datasource
  5. When you select the user, trigger an On-Change event which will retrieve the Group and Role information for the user, fill the attributes in Userhelper with relevant Group and Role info. And refresh the UserHelper object


This will help you. But there could other better suggestions which is purely dependent on your domain model