Problems after converting project from to 2.5 - System.User

In this project I create a new login username/password in Java dynamically after a new customer is created. In i have an entity called customer which inherrits from System.User. In a java action (which is called after saving a new customer). I create an new account with actions like: customer.setName(<number>) customer.setPassword(<genereatedpassword>) customer.setUserRoles (<userrole customer)<="" p=""> ect... But in 2.5 this method is not working anymore - When I created saving the user i can't see the created user in the Account overview (MxAdmin -> Users). What's different in 2.5? Is there a more detailled document about converting projects from 2.4.x to 2.5?
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There is a detailed guide available. See moving from 2.4 to 2.5.

In your case you do not see your new users because the menu item show a page with a list of Administration.Account entities (inheriting from System.User) instead of System.User objects.

We have added the Administration module in 2.5 because the System module is now readonly. The administration module contains all default forms for user management and system administration. You are allowed to change these forms yourself.