second app on premise pointing to first app DB?!

Hi guys, we have a second app being deployed on premise (very similar to first - another product) and we easily added the app to the console and tested it locally. All good so far! Then we've added the website to the IIS (8) and followed as much as possible the instructions in the documentation. We've accessed the app using the server or IP address and assigned port number and it all seemed good. We can see the login page, but the credentials we've created when testing locally kept not being accepted. We've decided to enter credentials from the first app, and voilĂ ... we logged in, onto the first app?!! Some options are available (where entities have the same name) and data is in some tables where we've not added any data to the second app. So, we've established a correct access to second app when accessing it locally on the server (e.g. localhost:8082). When accessing from a network machine (e.g. servername:82) we get the correct second app login page, but then we see the data and menus from first app. We've stopped the first app on IIS and the result was the same, so it seems that the second app somehow is accessing the first app DB when we plugged in the website to IIS. Has anyone seen this behaviour before? I'm sure we are missing something on the IIS side of things as when we access the app locally we access the correct db for the second app. We've double checked the db settings and all good, so some redirect in IIS that is not correct?! Before anyone asks, the DBs have very different names, but do reside in the same DBMS SQL Server. Nothing unusual about that. LR.
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Found the little culprit!! For some reason someone has added an inbound rule to the server, which we've noticed now after double checking everything again and when looking at the proxy settings. The rule on the server matched the one for the first app, so if we have added 10 new apps, everything was being re-rooted through to the first app. After testing and proven the re-rooting for the sites we wanted, we were able to remove the incorrect server rule, and all site rules work according to the simple documentation setup. All sites working as expected.

Lesson learned: Don't let too many different people touch the servers!!!