Cannot access changedBy attribute on live version of application

Hi everyone, I am currently adding a feature to my app that exports all the data on the app as a zip file by clicking one button. I am using the ExcelExporter module to do this. However when I configure the excel sheets column data and go to access the changedBy attribute through references, I cannot access the System.User object in order to access the changedBy attribute. What’s weird is that when I run the app locally,  I can access the System.User object and changedBy attribute.  It’s just when I commit the app to the Mendix server when I can’t.  The changedBy variable is stored by checking the top right boxes in an entity as shown below.   Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?  Thank you! Jon
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Do you have the security set to production mode locally? If you did not do this then that is the reason why you can see the changedBy reference. In the database the changedBy reference is just a foreign key to the System.User table. In order to see it, you need to have manage rights on the user role that the user has. Allowing users to see System.User attributes can be quite tedious to configure. Often it is better to create custom attributes/associations on a specialization of your user entity to display to your users rather then trying to display the actual attributes.