Developer overview page

When looking through the developers overview under it shows only a small list of Mendix Employees and probably the MVP's? Is the search only supposed to show these developers? Or should you be able to search on anyone with a developer profile? I did notice that i have a developer profile as i am able to visit it via a forum post.
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Mendix is updating to the community profiles as we speak. I don't know when everything will be up and running, but I expect some form of introduction in the near future.

Some links forward to the Mendix Cloud app, which is/used to be a test version.


The reason it only shows MVP's and Mendix right now is because those people were in our beta. Starting today, we are now publicly accessible and everyone can set their profile to public and appear in the list!

Simply go to your profile, fill in the required details and click on 'Make my profile public'.