Excel Importer Question

I have an issue with excel importer.  The scenario is i am trying to import data from a single excel file into 3 tables.     The excel file looks like this:   columns 1 – 4 are box data, columns 5 – 7 are bundle data and the last column is book information.   My problem is i can get the data into box and bundle but i have not found any way of getting the book data.  Any way i try to import the data into book it fails.   I looked around online and in forums for anyone that has used a single excel sheet to populate data in more than two tables that have associations.     here is my import template for reference:        
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The two-step reference from Box to Book might be the obstacle that ExcelImporter cannot handle. I hope someone will corerct me if I am wrong here.

Perhaps you can do this in two steps, first import your excel without column. Afterwards import your excel without column A-D.