Deep Link Login Location

Hi, I am passing the default location of my application login page to constant LoginLocation in DeepLink Module as: applicationurl/login.html? But in this case the Deep link is not functioning. But when I leave it as blank, it is opening its default login page and deep link is also working fine. How can I change the default login page of DeepLink?
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Did you see this part of the documentation?

LoginLocation - If a user session is required this constant defines the loginpage where the user is supposed to enter the login credentials. This property is useful in single-sign-on environments. If empty, the default Mendix built-in login page is used. If not empty, it is assumed that after login, the user will be redirected to the deeplink again. For this reason the provided url is appended with the original deeplink. For example: '' or '../sso/login?f=true&cont='