Deep Link LoginLocation in SSO

Hi, Can anyone explain in detail how the Deep Link will work in case of SSO environment. And what all changes need to be done in the mendix application. I am not able to get a clear idea from the Deep Link Documentation.    
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Here’s the deep link flow when the user doesn’t have a session:

  • User hits deep link
  • User does not have session
  • User is redirected to the SSO flow based on the LoginLocation constant
  • User is now on SSO login page with a url that ends with “&cont=/link/mydeeplink/12345”
  • Throughout the SAML flow, you’ll hit URLs like this… all will include the cont= parameter
    • /SSO/
    • your IDP’s login URL (or maybe a few)
    • /SSO/assertion
  • After the login flow, user now has a session and is redirected back to the location in the ‘cont’ parameter
  • User hits the original deep link, now with a session
  • Deep link is queued for the user
  • User is sent to their home page microflow
  • Home page microflow fetches the queued deeplink and shows the correct page