Mass upload of images and datas at the same time

Hi, a colleague of mine has the challenge, that she’s currently building an parts catalogue in Mendix. The parts have some text attributes and one or more images that the user see’s in a list view. Nothing special so far.. ;-)   We are now thinking about the challenge of uploading the parts data and their associated images at the same time, because we have already more than thousand parts, that need to be uploaded to the catalogue. It’s no option to add the images later on manually.   A possibility I already thought about is to upload the images with as ZIP and unzip them afterswards with the ZIPHandling from the app store. In a second step the parts could be uploaded as excel and be associated with their images. I guess, this would work, but it’s nothing for a ‘normal’ keyuser with no or very little experience. I would prefer a more convinient way, that is more intuitive for the users.   Did someone of you have the same challenge in the past and maybe you can share your solution?   Best regards Tjark  
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I would use a SFTP server and use a directory where the end user can store the images. You can then use a scheduled event that processes these images and eventually connect them with the Excel import. If you have a NAS around it could be solved by the NAS. This way you can create within the local network the directory. From the Mendix app you can then setup a SFTP connection with this NAS to retrieve the files.