Authenticating on external API via Mendix

Hello everybody, We are currently in the process of creating an external API, seperate from Mendix, which will be retrieving images when called. This API is completely seperate from Mendix, and accessible through normal url GET requests from either the clients browser, or from the server. What we would like to do is authenticate on this external API through Mendix. Because I am not very familiar with Mendix’ infrastructure, my question is, how would you do this using Mendix? So some options we discussed were: 1: Each request to the API from the clients browser is proxied through the Mendix server, which checks for authentication, and reroutes to the API when you are authenticated successfully 2: The browsers client does not do the request to the API, Mendix server itself does all the requests itself internally to the API and sends everything back to the client. Ofcourse there should be many other options, so thats why Im hoping to get some feedback here. Thanks in advance! :) Arent                
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I see several options:

  1. Create one account in the image server specific for the Mendix server. The mendix server gets its own credentials to access all images. You can think of a certificate or username/password for example.
  2. In the image-server, create an account per user and store the credentials per user in Mendix, so the Mendix server can use these credentials to access the images.
  3. Don't put the Mendix business server in the middle, have the client browser retrieve the images. The client needs to authenticate to the image server outside of the scope of Mendix.
  4. Store the images in Mendix and not on a separate server.


It was just a quick brainstorm, i hope this provides some useful alternatives.