Handle 2 tables, father / son

  hello, i don't write very well in english so please be indulgent! I would like to create 2 pages, one that displays the list of companies then by selecting a company, display the list of contacts. So 2 tables Company table and interlocutor table. do you have an example for me? thank you !
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Hi Laurent Lystig,

Define your domain module as below

  1. To show company and contacts in a separate page, Create a overview and edit page for Company 

For the view contacts action button, define the show page activity as below

The contacts grid should have the datasource from the association

2.To show both in a single page use the listen to widget option 

Refer the below learning path as well




Hi Laurent,

This can be achieved using a single page. 

Create a page and add a layout grid and split the layout in to two equal halves.

In first half  of layoutgrid, Add a grid and connect the Company entity. 

In the second half of layoutgrid, Add a dataview and select datasource as Listen to widget. Seect the datagrid which you created in first section.

Inside the dataview, Add one more datagrid, connect the entity with the contacts enitty.Use X path as datasource,display the data using current object.