How to create online exam system app in mendix?

Hii everyone,                 I want to create a online exam system app in mendix.But I don’t have any idea to create this app. I have created one entity but I don’t know what attribute required for it.I want to there is one page with MCQ and one submit button.After clicking on submit button it should generate total marks based on correct option.So I would like to know about what attributes are required for entity and how to create microflow for calculate total marks based on correct option.Could,anyone have idea of it?
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Take a look at this module:

You should run this in Mx7 though. It seems this module did not receive an update yet. But it give you a nice idear on how to approach this.





The module that Ronald mentioned would help you a lot and it is not maintained.

I have used this recently and to avoid any issues, I took this module with in my project and opted to maintain it myself within the project.