Single session logout URL

Hi, I have the following customer requirement: Only one session is allowed If the user signs into the app a second time, a custom logic in the old session needs to be triggered before the session ends and the user needs to be forwarded to a custom URL   The Authentication is done via SSO by using the SAML module. Does anyone have a solution for that? Tank you
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That's quite a tricky requirement and I would advise against creating it. However, you could try something like this:


  • Create a custom login action,
  • Check if the credentials are correct,
  • If the credentials are correct, then:
    • Check if another session for this user exists (retrieve System.Session based on the User.Name)
    • Execute your custom logic microflow as that user (CommunityCommons.ExecuteMicroflowAsUser)
    • Kill the user's session
  • Create a new session for the user


There are many potential failure modes here:

  • What if the custom logic fails, can you create a new session?
  • What is the user is currently executing a long running microflow, how will that be handled?
  • What if the user is currently entering data (the server doesn't know that, since the Mendix runtime is stateless)?
  • What if the custom logic is taking very long?


I'm sure you can think of many more issues.