Cannot Merge Revisions In From Another Branch

Good day, Currently I am trying to merge in changes from a different branch and successfully performed this once, but then reverted the changes to wait on additional changes before merging. Then when trying to merge in the changes again I saw that I could not as the changes were apparently merged in to the branch I was working on. However, on investigation of the code and pages I saw that this was not the case. These changes were not merged in, but I did perform a commit after I had reverted the changes (the modeler’s default commit). I have attempted to re-download the branch and rollback the individual commit, but none of these worked in making the revisions from the other branch merge-able again. Any assistance would be appreciated.
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Hi Brent,

If you think your current branch is corrupted

  1. You could possible create a new branch from the existing branch and select the revision number of your choice
  2. Then you could download the new branch created
  3. Start merging the items needed to that new branch
  4. Probably if your current branch is not needed, you could delete it.