FileDocument stored in DataBase or FileStorage??

As per this File Storage happens in S3 bucket. I was wondering when I create a “System.FileDocument” Entity is it store in PostGres SQL DB or S3 Storage? I am asking this question because If files are going to be stored in S3 Bucket; I just have to buy the additional storage capacity from Mendix and don’t have to worry about capacity. I have to figure out a way to download these files directly from the bucket using a nanoflow instead of involving the Mx Runtime. This way Mxclient/JS/Browser makes the connection to S3 directly and not involve /xas ..saving a lot of bandwidth and connection latency. 2
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Files are stored outside of the database, in an external file storage. A UUID is stored within Mendix to be able to identify the resource.

This is how a filedocument object looks in the mendix database

Here you can find some info about the structure of the file storage