Application form should display different entities

Hello Mendix Community, I need some help with the creation of an application form. I’m currently creating an app where users can submit requests. The application contains application information, user information and additionally information about the user's child. So there are the following three entities: Application, User, Child The domain model looks like this: When I open the application form, the user can choose his name in the reference selector (only his name appears) and the other fields, like first name and personnel number, appear automatically. But I have a problem with the fields for the child. All the names of the children stored in the database appears in the reference selector. However, I want to be able to select only the children that are associated with the user. The beginning of the application form looks like that: In the dropdown list (reference selector) at the child's first name only Hendrik and Lara should appear, but all child names are listed that have been stored in the database. Can someone give me a hint what to change so that only the children's names that are associated with the user appear? In the user profile only the children belonging to the user appear. This was easier to implement because there is no application entity. I hope to have explained everything in detail and that someone can help me.
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Hi, you can constrain the data that the reference selector will show using x-path, or get the data you wish to show in a microflow and set it as datasource. Open the reference selector's settings for this: 

Learn more about x-path here