Client Certificate Based Authentication

Hello, I have a windows server 2019 based on-premises setup for my organization’s mendix app. We have a requirement to implement user authentication (and authorization after that) using client certificates. These client certificates will be on the smartcards that users carry. I have enabled SSL and Client Certificate Required on the IIS so when a user navigates to my website, the browser on the user computer prompts the user to select a certificate and provide key. It is my understanding that the web server (IIS in my case) would do the certificate validation and allow the user to proceed to my app. What I need to do is to retrieve the client certificate or properties of it such as CN, OU, etc. and run it against my application database to authorize the user. For this I may need to disable the default Mendix login and do some custom java action for this. My requirement is to completely remove the username/login and only do authentication and authorization using client certificates.    Has anyone cracked the code on this type of scenario?
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Take a look at the SAML module. I am not sure, but think it will fit your case.

I hope this helps.