Filter listview by system$owner

I would like to have a listview showing Adverts. You can select a checkbox or a toggle that allows you to flip between all adverts, or just those where you are the system$owner. I created a helper entity which I can use to create the toggle:   and made a microflow to create that helper:   which is the source of this dataview: Inside that dataview is a listview showing all my draft adverts in the system, which runs on the OnChange event of the radio button select: with the ACT_GetDraftAdverts being as follows: The two retrieves above differ only by one having a “system$owner = $currentuser” filter in the xpath The filter seems to work, and if I run it in debug mode the lists returned are correct. HOWEVER, the listview does not seem to refresh even though the List of Advert being returned as the data source has changed. Reading around it seems as though I need to refresh the outer dataview BUT if I do that then I get an infinite loop of ACT_GetDraftAdverts running over and over. Is there a better way to refresh the listview or a better way to have a toggle between those objects in the list that are owned by the current user and all objects regardless of owner?
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If you change the on-change event of the radio button to ‘save changes’ it should work as you intent.