Intercepting the request using RequestHandler

I use Mendix 8.8.1. I was able to add a requesthandler in my java action. I wanted to capture client certificate using Java X509Certificate API. IIS was configured to enable SSL (https). I browse my app,, it prompts for client certificate and I selected a certificate. It was redirected to localhost:8080/myRequestHandler. protected void processRequest(IMxRuntimeRequest req, .....){ X509Certificate x509Cert[] = (X509Certificate[]) req.getHttpServletRequest() .getAttribute("javax.servlet.request.X509Certificate"); I am trying to read X509Certificate from processRequest method parameter IMxRuntimeRequest (req.getHttpServletRequest().getAttribute(“javax.servlet.request.X509Certificate”); The above line threw nullpointerexception. any pointers would be greatly appreciated. I have done this before in some other application. The only difference is that this is Mendix environment. Thanks.
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I have not worked with this request handler yet.

But based on few documentation I read, a wild guess could be, could you try


Just in case, if your certificate is still attached with HttpServletRequest and not in IMxRuntimeRequest

If IMxRuntimeRequest extends HttpservletRequest, this does not help. I could not find the API details of IMxRuntimeRequest