How to use session Time out Module downloaded from App Store

Hi Experts, I have downloaded the session Time out Module in the App Store, then I dont know that how to use it, I mean that I dont know that where to trigger it. So, could you please help me that how to use it in mendix application, and I am new to mendix please also explain me that how to increase or decrease the session timings given in that session time out module.     Thanks In Advance!  
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As mentioned by ROnald it’s in the documentation:

Installation / Configuration

  1. Import the module into your project
  2. Add the 'SNIP_SessionTimeout' snippet into your layout (USE_ME >> SNIP_SessionTimeout)
  3. Update project security - go to project security >> user roles >> edit each role to select 'AqSessionTimeout' module role appropriately
  4. Use the 'SNIP_SessionTimeout' to change Idle timer value. (if required)
    NOTE: By default timeout value is set to 5 minutes. If you want to update Idle timer value then go to 'SNIP_SessionTimeout' snippet >> edit Idle timer widget and update timeout value according to yur project requirements. So, for example if the timeout value is set to 5 minutes, then after 5 minutes a warning message "You have been inactive for 5 minutes. You will be automatically logged out after '{{x}}' minute(s)" will be displayed. If the user still does not take any action within '{{x}}' minute (s) then their session will be terminated. Once the session is terminated than 'Your session has been terminated due to inactivity' message will be shown.
  5. Use the 'LogOutMinutesAfterTimeoutWarning' constant to change session termination time after timeout warning pop-up is displayed. (if required)
    NOTE: By default 'LogOutMinutesAfterTimeoutWarning' constant is set to 2 minutes, if you want to increase this time, then go to constant 'LogOutMinutesAfterTimeoutWarning' which can be found under Private > Resources folder. Edit this constant and update time (in minutes) according to your project requirements. If you have already deployed this module to test/acceptance/production environments and want to update interval time than make sure you update this constant on individual environment and restart environment.
    If this constant is set to <=0 then session will be terminated immediately without showing timeout warning.

NOTE: Make sure Idle timer time is always greater than constant 'LogOutMinutesAfterTimeoutWarning' interval time