I upgraded studio pro to v8.9.0. I tried IHttpRequestInterceptor as in the code below. It prints the first logger statement. It doesn’t print anything inside process method. Why?   @java.lang.Override public java.lang.Boolean executeAction() throws Exception { // BEGIN USER CODE Core.getLogger("JavaAction").critical("Java Action invoked......001"); Core.http().registerHttpRequestInterceptor("myInterceptor/", new IHttpRequestInterceptor() { @Override public void process(IHttpRequest arg0, IHttpContext arg1) { // TODO Auto-generated method stub Core.getLogger("JavaAction").critical("Header info......."+arg0.getAllHeaders()); Core.getLogger("JavaAction").critical("HttpTargetHostUri info......."+arg1.getHttpTargetHostUri()); } }); return true; // END USER CODE }  
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Are you trying to intercept requests from your app to the outside? Or are you trying to add a request handler for incoming requests

In your snippet you are registering an http request interceptor. Its implementation will trigger when you send an http request, for instance via the call REST action.

Also, the first argument to registerHttpRequestInterceptor​ you specify the host-part of the URL for which you want to intercept. Instead of "myInterceptor/", you may want to try something like "*.myserver.com" or just "*".