New Mendix Account without Company Email?

Hey folks, As you can see I have a mendix account already set up with my company, but I’ve been wanting to work on developing personal applications in my free time. I’ve attempted to make a new account using my personal email (, but the sign up page really doesn’t like my non-business/school domain. I was wondering if there is a way to create an account, maybe a separate sign up page, with a common email domain? It seems like there should be since there is a big push for citizen developers, and most citizens have standard emails, right? If there isn’t… Do you all know of a free (Yes, I’m a cheapskate) way to produce an email that would work for a new account creation?   Thanks in advance! Austin
2 answers

you could use a temporary email address

Then after account creation, change the linked email address to you gmail account.

Note; your login will always remain the email address.


Unfortunately you need a company account. Citizen development, I think is totally different, which enables business people or non-developers also to program. 

Free way to create a company email, not sure if one exist. Check Google business account. I have seen lot of people using it for their business account.