Redirect to wrong URL when using the redirect page in ForgotPassword module

Hi, After i set my password for my new account ill end up with an activated account. At the end ill be send to the redirectPage in the forgotpassword module. see photo:   After that ill be redirected but the strange thing is im redirected to the technical Mendix URL ( and not to my custom domain ( I didnt changed anything in the html snippets or format strings. Format string: <form action="/signin/" name="signin" method="post" style="display:none;"> <input type="text" name="uuid" value="${uuid}" /> </form>   Html snippet 1 & 2: function doReload() { setTimeout(function(){ document.forms['signin'].submit(); }, 2000); } doReload(); <button class="btn btn-primary" onclick="doReload()">Login now</button> Any idea how i can fix this?  When i go to than it will be redirected to domain.   Update with fix: You can only fix this by setting your ApplicationRootUrl in your Custom Settings:
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