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Stupid Question, but I am wondering if this is fixed/fixable My "normal" account is the Lex van Rooy as show on the message BUT in the early days (when I had a "lot" of forum activity) I was on a user that was related to a GMAIL adres. That user is still here, and it WOULD be nice to have my stats consolidated AND for various reasons I also have an account that is associated with one of our major clients that has "activity".. It would be nice to consolidate all in one place....
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Lex, you can have your accounts merged by sending a Feedback item via your new community profile. Just mention your old accounts and it should be fixed rather soon! Had the same issue!

//edit. It still seems forum and profile aren't completely in sync yet since I'm still at 51 points here. My community profile does show the merged points though. Might be a little glitch in the Matrix :-)