Updating variables wont work

Hi there, Its possible to add new datas but when I want to update my variables it wont work. The varibles will be reseted when I logout.   Is there a possibilty to save varibles automatically in the moment of change?
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Changes need to be committed. Normally you would do that with a save-button.

Another option would be to commit in an on-change event, though you would need to attach that to each field in your form. Do note that i believe on-change events are not triggered when you navigate away from a form via a menu: this will cause a rollback.

So far i have not seen any intuitive, properly working and maintainable solution in Mendix without something that acts like a save-button. I’ve seen microflow timer being used to commit every x seconds. and warnings to remind the user to save. They all caused confusion and users reporting unexpected data loss.

I am curious is someone can prove me wrong.