Implementing Google Authenticator connector widget

Hi Everyone,  I need a two factor Authentication for my free app. Using Open Authentication(default mendix login) , after login I need to be redirected to the OTP authentication. I am following the documentation of the widget( ) and I have created the entity for credentials and associated with System.user , I don’t know where to get the secret key and  Can anyone please help me further What are the steps to be followed to get this .
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Following the documentation:

Create a microflow which receives your 'credentials' entity and passes it as a parameter to the 'Google Authenticator Connector - Create user credentials' action. The action only changes the 'ga_SecretKey' attribute in your entity so you need to commit the entity yourself. (This way you're free in how you take care of your entities and storing of objects).

The microflow will generate the secret key and sets the ga_SecretKey attribute.