Differense between New local user and New web service user?

What is the difference between "New local user" and "New web service user" on the account overview page?
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A local user can login and use the app using the browser.

A webservice user is used for authentication to consume a published webservice

A web-user cannot use the browser and a local user cannot consume the webservice


Hi Maxim, 

As Rene suggested, Local users can access the application via login and Webservice User can interact with web service 

As per the below documentation, 


Mendix enables creating your own user management functionality as long as your own user object inherits from System.User. The User entity in the System module contains the WebServiceUser Boolean attribute. This attribute determines if an user is able to interact with web services. If you want a certain user to be able to interact with web services, the value of this attribute must be true

The User accounts which are marked WebServiceUser boolean to true, they are considered as Webservice users

The User accounts which are marked WebServiceUser boolean to false, they are considered as Local users