Java upgrade in mendix versions

currently we are using mendix version 4.7.1 and we are trying to upgrade the java version of the application. Can you please mention upto which version the mendix version can support so that we can upgrade the java version based on the information. Could you please mention any document link or upto which java version can mendix modeler 4.7.1 support
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I dont think Mendix 4 is still supported, so finding info on that will proably be hard.

In my experience Mendix always provides upgrade guides with all relevant info. I normally find them by using google:

“mendix migration 5 to 6”

leads to this for example: 

I hope this helps.


Hi Aravid,

Documentation 4.7 is no longer available. Maybe Mendix support can help you?

Dough if you consider upgrading, Mendix 6 is supported until Mendix 9 is released. Expected in the Q1 of 2021

If you have the time and resources, you probably better of moving 7.23, 8.6 or 8.12 is are the supported production releases.

Cheers, Andries